When it comes to improving your company in 2023, one critical decision you can make is to embrace the rise of hybrid work.

Remote work is no longer a new and fashionable trend but a well-established way of doing business. Companies worldwide have already embraced it.
Remote work is no longer the future but the present and past.
With the widespread adoption of remote work in recent years, it’s clear that it’s here to stay.

However, the future of work is not just about remote work.
In the following year, we’ll see the rise of hybrid work. This way to work is already present and applied, but never as in 2023 will it become significant and appreciated.

Companies should be able to work remotely or in the office with no difference to stay competitive in markets. 

2023 The rise of hybrid work

Don’t make the mistake of thinking of hybrid work as a cross between remote and office.

Only those companies that know how to work remotely can afford hybrid work.
Ensure first that your team can work remotely effectively. Only later, think about hybrid work.

Once you have established a solid foundation for remote work, you can consider incorporating hybrid work into your company’s operations.
It could involve offering on-demand office space when your team needs to come together, change their environment, or find other ways to switch between remote and in-office work seamlessly.
Do not impose any rules on your teammates. Let them decide if, when, and how often to visit the office. This is priceless freedom.

By ensuring that your team can work remotely effectively, you’ll be well-positioned to embrace the future of hybrid work successfully.

The future doesn’t exist. It’s not written anywhere.
We prepare it and decide it with our choices.
– Piero Angela.

This quote captures the idea that the future is not predetermined but somewhat shaped by our daily decisions. 

Happy New Year to all my remote warriors

Here’s to making the most of every opportunity in the year ahead!