When we express our remote leadership, we often focus on the tasks and deadlines at hand, but it’s essential to remember that our employees are real people, each fighting their own battles. 

Employees may be dealing with various challenges in their personal lives.
From health issues and marital struggles to caring for aging parents or helping a child through difficulties. 

These circumstances can impact their work performance.
As leaders, we must be aware of these factors.
When we only focus on the immediate issues, we view struggling employees through a microscope, narrowing our perspective. 

Remote Leadership

Microscope vs Telescope Remote Leadership

A more empathetic approach is to use a “telescope” to look far and wide and better understand the external factors affecting their performance.

Below are some initiatives that can help you express your telescope leadership.

1) Create a mentorship program

Establish a mentorship program within your organization that pairs employees with more experienced colleagues.
This can help create deeper connections between team members and foster an environment of understanding and compassion.

2) Host informal virtual “coffee breaks”

Schedule regular virtual coffee breaks or happy hours where employees can join without any work-related agenda.
These casual gatherings can provide a relaxed atmosphere for team members to share personal stories and experiences.
It will allow you to gain insights into their lives outside of work.

3) Implement an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

An EAP is a confidential service designed to help employees address personal issues affecting their job performance, health, or overall well-being.
Providing access to an EAP can show your team that you genuinely care about their personal and professional success.

4) Promote work-life balance initiatives

Encourage employees to take advantage of flexible work hours or “mental health days” to address their personal needs.
By supporting work-life balance, you can demonstrate your understanding of the importance of employees’ personal lives.

5) Empower Remote Leadership by sharing your own experiences

As a leader, being open about your struggles and how you have overcome them can encourage employees to do the same.
Sharing your stories can help create a more supportive and understanding work environment.

Advantages of a Telescope Remote Leadership

Adopting a telescope mindset allows us to:

  1. Develop empathy for our team members’ unique situations
  2. Provide tailored support and resources to help them overcome challenges
  3. Foster a sense of trust and loyalty within the team
  4. Cultivate a compassionate and inclusive work culture

By being tough on the problem and tender on the person, we can become better leaders, driving our remote teams toward success.