Today, let’s discuss an effective strategy to help your team prioritize tasks and concentrate on what truly matters: the Eisenhower Matrix.
I’ll also share some tips on ensuring your remote teammates use this powerful tool properly to boost their productivity.

I came across this Matrix by reading my friend Luca’s excellent newsletter, “The Owl and the Beatle“, which focuses on team leadership and offers valuable guidance.
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What is the Eisenhower Matrix

Also known as the Urgent-Important Matrix, it is a time-management tool that assists in prioritizing tasks based on urgency and importance.
It’s fascinating to be used in association with a proper way to estimate tasks (check this past issue about using Fibonacci to estimate tasks)

Eisenhower Matrix Done Right

The matrix has four quadrants:

  1. Urgent and Important: 
    These tasks need immediate attention and significantly impact your team’s objectives.
  2. Important but Not Urgent:
    Essential tasks that can be scheduled for later but shouldn’t be overlooked.
  3. Urgent but Not Important: 
    Tasks that demand prompt action but have minimal impact on your overall goals. Delegate these when possible.
  4. Neither Urgent nor Important: 
    Low-priority tasks can be eliminated or postponed indefinitely.

How to apply it in real life

Now, let’s dive into some practical tips to make sure your remote teammates utilize it effectively:

  1. Lead by Example:
    Show your team that you’re using it to manage your own tasks.
    Share your insights and success stories to inspire and motivate them.
  2. Provide Training:
    Offer resources, such as articles, webinars, or workshops, to help your team members understand the matrix’s principles and how to apply them in their daily work.
    Some useful links:

    1. Introducing the Eisenhower Matrix 
    2. From Chaos to Control: Going Beyond the Eisenhower Matrix by Luca Sartori
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    3. Work Smarter, Not Harder course by Coursera
  3. Integrate the Matrix into Your Workflow:
    Use project management tools that support the Matrix.
    Below are some examples:

    1. FREE JIRA Extension
    2. Trello
    3. ASANA Template
  4. Regular Check-ins and Reviews:
    Schedule routine check-ins to discuss your teammates’ matrices, offer guidance and address any challenges they may face while prioritizing tasks.
  5. Celebrate Success:
    Acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of your team members who successfully use the Eisenhower Matrix to improve their productivity.

By helping your remote teammates master the Eisenhower Matrix, you’ll cultivate a more efficient, focused, and productive team.
Give it a try, and watch your team’s potential skyrocket!