Once upon a time, my vacations were full of thoughts of checking if everything was ok in the company…
Even without me.

” I started my path as a remote worker to be free.
I’m now free to travel where and when I think best.
I’m now free to work with the best talents worldwide. Not just with those who live near the office. ”
– 99,99% of remote workers in their posts

But there is something untold about remote working:

” I started my path as a remote worker to be free.
For the first few days, I felt invincible.
Only later did I realize that the office helped me to hide the lack of systems and procedures “.
– 99,99% of remote workers in their real life

This Saturday, I want to share how to turn your laptopless holidays into a way to build your delegation roadmap.

Imagine that you will meet someone willing to buy your company for $1 billion on your next vacation.
The only deal-breaker clause is to leave the company immediately.
You only have to guarantee that everything will continue working.

What would you do on your return to secure the deal?

Systems and processes should be location agnostic.

Think about holidays as that moment where you’ll measure how good is your company structure.

Check how often your colleagues contact you to get crucial information or ask you to perform crucial tasks.

Whatever your role is, your goal is to make a difference.
This means the company should continue working as usual when you enjoy your holidays.

We are not talking about magic but structure.

On your first day back, do these things:
– Write down who contacted you and how often.
– Jump in call with them and ask what could have been better during your holidays
– Create a list of “problems without me”
– Write down a procedure for each problem
– Ask all your colleagues to do the same

And here you are!
A concrete delegation roadmap will be implemented before the end of the year.

Once done, don’t forget to call back the $ 1 billion buyer 😉