This Saturday, I want to talk about the power of small goals against Layoffs rumours.

As a remote team leader, you understand the importance of building trust and keeping your team engaged. However, achieving these goals remotely can be difficult, especially during times of uncertainty and potential layoffs. That’s why I want to share the power of small goals compared to significant challenges.

Layoffs Looming? Stay Motivated with Small Goals

The Power of Small Goals

One of the most critical aspects of being a leader is to be able to “sell” your company challenges to your team to keep engagement levels high.
That’s why I love taking inspiration by studying marketing and sales and adapting the concepts to team management.

Recently, I came across a best-selling course on AppSumo named “How to Make a $1,000 a Month Business Course” (link here).
This course has literally broken all sales records on AppSumo.


Layoffs Looming? Stay Motivated with Small Goals


How is it possible? Making $1000 a month doesn’t seem to be a significant promise in the age of TikTok and OnlyFans.

The answer is simple: a small promise is a very obtainable promise.
Therefore, this promise attracts the potential buyer to proceed because he senses that he can make it quite easily.

This example shows that even if significant challenges are fancy, we often undervalue the power of small goals to engage people.
Small goals can help us build momentum, increase confidence, and lead to more significant accomplishments.

In uncertain times, setting non-obvious, achievable, and concrete small goals can help you retain your existing team members and attract new hires.
You can create a sense of stability and accomplishment within your team, especially when layoffs are a trending topic.

Examples of Small Goals

Let me give you some concrete examples of small marketing, development, and sales goals.

  • Marketing: increase the website traffic by 10% over the next month.
  • Development: fix 50 bugs in the next quarter.
  • Sales: increase the conversions from Qualify to Buy to Win by 20% in the next 2 months.

It also applies to you who don’t need layoffs

For you who don’t find yourself having to think about layoffs, it’s probably even more critical


Because since you don’t need to fire, you’ve probably never addressed this discussion with your colleagues.
This means you don’t know what might be going through their head reading the various layoffs discussions on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Forget Layoffs by setting Small Goals and 1 Big Challenges

As a remote leader, you should set one big challenge and small goals to keep your team engaged and motivated.
This approach helps build trust and confidence, critical elements in a remote team, especially during uncertain times.

Here are some actionable takeaways for you:

  • Discuss the position of your company about layoffs openly.
  • Set achievable small goals for your team.
  • Ensure that these goals are concrete and measurable.
  • Encourage your team to celebrate small wins to boost morale and motivation.
  • Remember to keep one big challenge in mind as you work towards your goals.

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