This Saturday, I will talk about how to motivate people beyond money.

Money is only a factor in the formula for building a happy and productive team.
The biggest challenge is finding new ways to keep your spirits up.
Whatever you will give will become “normal” after some time.
It’s the way our brains work, no hard feelings.
Money is always welcome, but unfortunately, it’s not enough. Let’s see why.

How people measure happiness in your company

There are 3 things everyone takes into consideration to motivate people beyond money:

  • Economic compensation
    Salary / Bonuses
  • Emotional compensation
    Sense of belonging / Feel valued because of the impact you are making on business growth
  • Available Benefits
    Ping pong table / Free Beer / Freedom to work from home / Freedom to manage your time / Budget for courses and events

I know.. is not always possible to give a lot of money or monetary benefits, especially in this period of uncertainty.
That’s why I want to share with you 3 tips that could make a big difference in your team.


1: Follow the 10-80-10 rule

In almost every team, you can group members into 3 groups:

  1. The 10% of top players love the company.
    They offer an incredible commitment.
    These people are the ones who make the difference and drag up all the others in a positive mood;
  2. The 80% of ok players are working well.
    They are doing what they are supposed to do.
    They are happy to work with the top players;
  3. The 10% of bad players have a negative mood.
    They are dreaming about something different.
    They drag down all the others in a negative mood.

I suggest you do the following:

  1. Often publicly acknowledge the impact given by top and ok players.
  2. Speak privately with the bad players to see if there is a chance to let them be happy and productive in your company. If not, let them go.

2: Define a clear and motivating career path

People need to know what personal goals they are working for.
They will soon disappear if you don’t propose a career path and ensure it matches their expectations.
Always remember: People walk away from bosses, not companies.

3: Keep your promises

Credibility is one of the factors behind trust between company and employee.
Being consistent allows you to be credible.
Being credible will enable you to offer an exciting future to the people who work with you.