Remote hiring opens up a world of opportunities, allowing you to tap into a global talent pool. But it can also bring challenges, especially when you’re flooded with hundreds of applications for a single job posting. 

If you’re reading CVs as the first step in your hiring funnel, you’re making a big mistake.

Remote Hiring

Why is this happening in remote hiring? 

When you post a remote job, you will likely receive applications from candidates worldwide. Many apply without thoroughly reading the job description, hoping to get more information about the position and company only if you contact them.

This side effect of remote hiring can be overwhelming and may even lead you to abandon hiring remotely, opting for local hires instead. 

But that would be a huge mistake! Setting up an effective remote hiring funnel allows you to streamline the process and find the perfect candidate for your team.

How to set up an efficient remote hiring funnel

Implementing these steps will save time and increase your chances of finding the right remote candidate.

1) Craft a clear job post

Include a company introduction, position overview, minimum requirements, nice-to-haves, and what you offer.

2) Create a welcome video

Explain the hiring process and inform candidates that they must complete a questionnaire before the first call.

3) Design a questionnaire

Use tools like Google Forms or Typeform to create a questionnaire that filters out candidates who don’t meet the must-have requirements. Explicitly ask them to confirm that they meet the basic requirements listed in the job post.

4) Review CVs only after receiving the questionnaire

You’ll save much time by filtering out many unqualified applications and gathering more information about the candidate before the in-person interview.

Remote Hiring – Bonus Template

In this issue’s bonus, I want to show you the questionnaire I use in Voxloud when receiving applications for the role of Administration Manager.

Download the Remote Hiring Questionnaire Template

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