As a remote manager, if you had to choose the most challenging outcome easy to get by working in an office… what would it be?
I have no doubts: Remotize The Boiler Room Effect.

This Saturday, I will discuss the definition of the Bolier Room Effect and how to remotize it.

The Boiler Room Effect

Certain unscrupulous telemarketing operators run their campaigns from cramped, low-rent office spaces.
Only desks, laptops, and phones.
Many people refer to such workspaces as a boiler room.

You probably saw a famous Boiler Room in the iconic movie
“The Wolf of Wall Street”.

While it’s evident that a Boiler Room is not a great place to work…

Have you ever wondered why these workspaces can bring outstanding sales performances?

It’s all about group commitment.

  • Being with people with the same goals motivates you to give more.
  • Sharing a room with people better than you encourage you to give more.
  • Seeing others succeed motivates you to give more.

From Sales to Support. From Development to Administration.
A challenging environment helps every teammate to give more.


How to Remotize The Boiler Room Effect


Remote work gives you priceless freedom, but let’s say it right away:
It is impossible to generate the same effect of a physical boiler room remotely.

The stress level is so high that the benefits are nullified.
Instead, we can take only the good part in a remote environment.


Boost performances with async awards

Nothing is more rewarding than receiving your colleague’s and managers’ appreciation for your work.


In Voxloud, we have different public and async awards depending on the team.
Below are my favorites:

  • [Sales] “Kudos” for a new sale
    Whenever we have a new customer, we automatically send a message on a slack public channel named “billing”.
    We highlight who made the sale.
    In this way, we can all share with the colleague our appreciation.
  • [Support] “Kudos” for a new positive review
    Whenever we have a new positive review in Intercom (our support platform), or in Trustpilot, we automatically send a message on a Slack public channel named “reviews”.
    We highlight who got the review.
    In this way, we can all share with the colleague our appreciation.

For every award, we generate an async party 🎉

The guy who won the award always receives compliments and positive reactions.

Plus, members of all other teams can see daily how the company grows and the result of their contribution.

It’s like a drug for all of us!


Boost performances with async interactions

Nothing is more motivating than being encouraged by your colleagues.

In Voxloud, we love to play with Slack reactions on award messages.

We use emoticons like 🚴 or 🧗‍♂️ to visualize the climb towards the monthly goal.

We also highlight the work of the best X people in a particular activity.

E.g., the best 3 sales of the month, the best support reviews of the month.


Build in public

Nothing is more helpful than looking at how your peers achieve their goals.

  • Share in public the progress of all daily activities.
  • Share constructive feedback in public.
  • Discourage 1to1 messages in favor of 1toMany.

The impact of every contribution will be way higher!

In Voxloud, our Sales agents share their performances on a public channel named “sales”.
In the same channel, Fabio (our sales manager) shares his feedback to improve the sales cycle.

Developers share their standup meetings on a public Slack channel named “developers-standup”.
I talked about standup meetings over Slack in a past issue.
If you missed it, click here to read it 👍

Do not forget one crucial thing

Good results -> public awards
Bad results -> private discussions

The goal is always to inspire, not to let the others feel guilty.