This Saturday, I want to talk about how to run performance reviews in a remote team.

It’s that time of year again: performance review season!

A performance review is a regular assessment of an employee’s job performance.
It’s an integral part of the employer-employee relationship and can significantly impact an employee’s career.

During a performance review, managers and employees discuss strengths, areas for improvement, and career development goals.
This is also a time for employees to provide feedback on their experience with the company and their manager.

When done well, a performance review can help an employee understand what they’re doing well and where they need to improve.
It can also be a helpful tool for employers, giving them insight into their employees’ strengths and weaknesses.

Run performance reviews in a remote team

However, performance reviews can also be a source of stress for both employers and employees, especially when your team is remote.
If not done correctly, they can create tension and conflict instead of being a positive experience.

Here are 3 tips to run performance reviews in a remote team:

1. Set clear expectations ahead of time.

Be sure to communicate your expectations for the performance review process to your employees ahead of time. This will help reduce the stress and give them time to prepare any questions or concerns they may have.

2. Consider using surveys or questionnaires

Surveys or questionnaires can be a great way to collect feedback from your employees during a remote performance review process  This allows you to get input from multiple employees at once and can be anonymous to encourage honest feedback.

3. Create and share the procedure before you start.

Before you start the performance reviews, be sure to share a straightforward step-by-step procedure with everyone who will be involved.
This will help ensure everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect during the process.

Don’t you know how to run performance reviews in a remote team?

Check out the performance review process I built for Voxloud.
I’m attaching it here in a Notion Doc from which you can copy/paste.